Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Good for nothing bastards?

Conservative MP Gerald Keddy is apologizing for referring to some unemployed Haligonians as "no-good bastards."

Wow, I guess he had unemployed haligonians confused with his own federal leader or with his federal party, which does dick all to help out these same people without jobs in the middle of a fucking recession no less.
I also have something to say to this
I think Gerald Keddy can go suck on a dead dog's dick once he gets his head out of his ass and into a little place i like to call the real fucking world. The conservatives are once again proven as being the spawn of clueless, and should all be shot so I can have a good laugh. Why doesn't this clueless motherfucker just do us all a favor and shoot himself in the face after taking out the rest of those incompetent morons he works with? At least then I could say the conservative Government actually did something worthwhile. SUICIDE.
he said in full during an interview:

In an interview with a local newspaper, Keddy suggested that farmers in the province need migrant labourers because unemployed Nova Scotians don't want the work.

"All those no-good bastards sitting on the sidewalk in Halifax that can't get work," Tuesday's Chronicle Herald quotes Keddy as saying.

No good bastards sitting on the sidewalk who don't want work?
Ever factor in those who want to work, but have anxiety disorders? Learning disorders? Autism? or those discriminated against by the employers for various other reasons? Or perhaps those that don't want entry level shit positions at fucking walmart or macdonald's because they actually want to be able to afford rent, food and God forbid have some actual fucking spending money?
And by the way, just because I feel somewhat sorry for the farmers during a recession, not everyone without a job is going to be able to just get up and do farm work, moron.
And as for the farmers, I don't think it's the labour shortage thats fucking them out of their livelyhoods. It's you, and your government by sitting on your asses and doing nothing while they go broke.
If I ever am in the job market, maybe I can have this asshole's job, since obviously IQ wise I'm way over qualified to lead the party since I can actually think in terms of putting somewhat coherent thoughts together on more than one occasion.
In closing, do us all a favor, mr keddy, and jump off the macdonald bridge so that your constituents can elect someone with more brain power/ a higher IQ than the glans of my PENIS.
PS:You all wanted to tell cum stains like this where to go for years whether it's American,Canadian, or other countries' policies/politics, I'm just the one with the balls to post it.

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