Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Free Printer! I didn't even Steal it, I swear!

I know it's been a long time since I last posted. But I have good reason. I didn't have anything to blog about. Until now.
See the pics?
Well the one with denis leary is the book I'm reading, and the other thing is a pic of the machine I used to scan said book.
The MFC-465CN. Photocopier/scanner/photocard center/printer/coolest toy ever.
I looked on one site, and the price was 100+ dollars.
I got mine free on the donation shelf when I bought my router and wireless card (Wireless N). I was estatic! The only problem was that the damned paper feed was jamming.
Hmm, maybe there was a reason that someone donated it...
Well, there was much cursing and swearing to be had and I wanted to chuck the thing out the window or something when I opened the back cover as I was reading the "Don't put the cover face down or it will get damaged/ paper jam...". I had already cleaned the roller so that wasn't it. But there were those clear plastic pieces of crap on the paper jam guard. So I took out the black plastic guides and peeled off the clear plastic things beneath them. Personally, I think that those things are there as made by the factory and serve no purpose other than to get into the way.
I then did a test print. Well, surprise surprise.
No paper jam and none of that "my paper isn't making it to the print head" bullshit.
Problem solved.
And now I have a free printer because some guy would rather spend money on a new printer than try to get a friend to help him fix it.
Whoever that guy is (Or girl, even though I think women are too smart to do stuff like that), thanks for the new toy, pal.
So, I've been reading "Why we suck", so far it's a good book and well worth the 30 dollars and change I spent on it.
If you haven't already, BUY THE FREAKING BOOK ALREADY. You'll be glad that you did.
In the meantime I'm out of here.
Ps: Let's see FUTURESHOP have a shelf for donated equipment that people can just take. Yeah. Thought so.
There's a reason I get my computer parts from Greenlyph!

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