Sunday, May 24, 2009

giving up

I should by now be familiar with the concept of giving up on something that's not gonna happen, considering that I know how it feels to have someone interested who I don't share the sentiment for. However, she seems to blame my lack of interest in her on my interest in someone else. Not true. It's just I'm not interested. Speaking of the person I'm interested in, she obviously is taken. Why the hell not just move on?
Well, because I'm not quite ready to, and really, she gives me that all important excuse of not pursuing women that I have no interest in even though they're obviously interested in me. I think the reason I also like her is the idea of striving for someone I can't have. Or some psychological reason like that. I personally think that if given the chance, it would or wouldn't work out. Either way, I wish I had the chance to prove or disprove the theory. Oh well, since shit happens, I'm not going to brood, and I'm going to continue life as usual. Going to work and the gym, etc. But, if this person who I like ever likes me, I WILL PRETEND TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP just for fun, or actually be in one. Either that or I'd date her. There we go...
Hoping that my current interest becomes available and that the one that likes me but I'm not interested in will finally realize that we can only be friends.
Ps: If the one I like is a friends only kind of woman, then I can live with that, as long as she would say hello. That would be fucking super.
Until next time, see you all.

3 comments: said...

I seriously hope she tells you "Hello!"!
But, really, I have told my daughters a million times, at least, that if they want someone to ask them out to be a little standoffish. On the one hand a guy might or might not need to know a girl is interested, but on the other hand, guys like to have something to chase and, oh, crap, it's just one big mind game I guess.
Relationships are so hard. But, the good news is the older you get the easier they get. ;-) Usually...

shister said...

She's definately soon to be "permanently taken". Hitched if you will, but with the divorce rate being what it is, I'm an incurable optimist.

The Tall Red Head said...

Thanks for wishing me to get better. I hope so too, I have been sick for over 4 weeks now and there seems to be no end in sight.

And the man I am seeing now was interested in me for over a year and never said anything to me until I said hello to him one night and things went from there. Adn that was a really long sentence. Good luck with it all, hope things work out for you :)