Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another post, this time from May 19th,2009.

It's me again, malakas! Sersiously though...
I wanted to prove that I'm still alive to those that actually read this dribble.
My name is assburgerboy and I have asperger's. To those of you who used to read me before I deleted the other posts that were pre 2004, it's "She who will not be named" who you can blame for it (I was dumb enough to actually use her name once in a post and got in shit for it).
I have a job, my moon is in aries, and I want to move to Gytheio. That's in Greece.
I'm Greek Orthodox, and I like my life.
I hate Stephen Harper, he's a tool. I hope that one day I'm rich enough to own property, and that halifax is a good city if all you like to do is go to clubs. That and we don't have a subway system. Zakynthos may have a lot of beaches, but there's only one named Mavrovouni and it's near Gytheio!
Don't let the name fool you, it's not a rocky place, nor the setting for the bad guy in Lord of the Rings.
So, in closing I just want to say I wasn't specific in who I was looking for in the contest for the chick that I end up with. In brief, I want her to be an aries, very tall, maybe from greece, and very loud and controlling, yet at the same time realizing that if she dates me that I will keep her life very interesting. And why do I say this? Because she who will not be named is not available. She is with "He who saw her first"
Anyways, I gotta get ready for work, so I am gonna leave soon.
Who am I really?
I'll never tell.

You know you love me.
(And yes I know it was a blatent attempt at making fun of Gossip Girl. That was the point of my signoff statement.)

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