Thursday, September 25, 2008

There's actually a Town called Fucking. That and my motherboard fucking died on me today!

Warning, this contains vulgar content.
Reader discretion advised.

First of all, my pc's motherboard went to shit today and I am using my laptop instead.
I got it back because the guy hadn't needed it due to having a better board.
I guess the motto here is offer up your motherboard and generously give two spare monitors away to people who need them and the reward is a fried mother-fucking-board.
Just great. Now I get to go motherboard searching and hope to hell I don't get a shit one at least until I can afford a good one that isn't in danger of crapping out in mere months. Lovely.
On the plus side, I have this here lovely laptop and by the way my priest is going to be returning with his family god willing on Oct 1st.
Good to see people can beat a liver infection.
And before you go snickering, he's not catholic and hardly drinks, he's married for fuck's sake.
Oh yeah, there's this village in Austria that's actually called...
Brace yourselves, nuggets...

Don't believe me? fine, here's a link!

I know! I'm as shocked as you!
At least I now have a social excuse to say fucking wherever I want (not that I need one anyway).
"Where ya from?"
"Fucking where?"
"Fucking Austria"
Or if I said
"Fucking Austria"
and someone replied
"Hey, don't slander Austria, I'm from there"
"Yeah and I'm from fucking Austria. Fucking is my town, where the motto is 'fuck you'. I gotta live up to my town's rep."
Maybe that's not the motto, maybe the motto is "Let's all fuck something" or "Today's a great day for fucking in fucking Austria".
How dd a town get a name like that?
Jeez, maybe if they had more cold showers, it'd be renamed "cold shower" Austria.
But no, they're too busy fucking each others' brains out to do that.
Well, with that its a good day to be alive I guess.
Keep sharp, good hunting and get the fuck out of my briefing room.

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