Thursday, June 19, 2008

l33t speak

Yes, you have probably run into it in it's various forms from the brain dead idiots out there if you use the internet. essentially, I am typing about those morons who think that "dose" is the correct way to say a word. My example here being "dose anyone have a problem with that?". Now, when I was a kid, and that word was encountered, usually after word, where would be something a kin to "three times daily for adults. once daily for children. consult poison control center if overdose occurs",or something to that effect. I wonder, who in their right mind would even think of putting idiotic crap such as this up? The worst kind of part to this is now, all of a sudden, people are not only using numbers in place of letters, but now when someone actually wants to correct them, they get called things such as "nerd" for God forbid wanting to sound like someone who can actually finish a coherent sentence without f*cking numbers!
I wasn't aware that in the post modern era, that the only criteria for being called a nerd is not sounding like a brain dead dumbass! And speaking of which, people use monikers such as "dum ass" "douc bag" "fagit" and "fuk". I have no problem with people swearing or throwing insults out there in the internet, but for the love of all that is sane and nice, spell your insults CORRECTLY, otherwise you're just going to be laughed at for the contrite lemming that you are. "Here's your dunce cap, now go back home, your village is missing its idiot!" is what I am compelled to want to say to people such as that. In a society where "like" is overused, and people say "your a dum ass" and "waht is ur probelm aswhole?" I tend to get a massive migrane.
So, my final thought is this (Yes in tradition of making fun of springer and to make a point at the same time): If you are going to interact with people online, first crack open a book, or READ SOMETHING online. YES READ, you heard me correctly.
Its because of this bullshit text messaging trend that people can't spell correctly.
So, once you do this, then come online. Otherwise, take your computer back to the damn store, get your money back and use it on text minutes for your cell phone.
I think that personally, I'm doing humanity a service here, since I don't want to be reading through this bastardization of the english language every goddamned time I go online to play a game or to chat on MSN. take care of yourselves and don't drink the kool aid.

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