Friday, June 20, 2008

Dixie Chicks

One thing that brought this to mind is that they were amongst the first celebrities in America to point out that George W, or "King Dubbya" is a schmuck for his war on Iraq. So, what happens? All of a sudden, "Good patriotic Americans" don't want them playing concerts in their hometown just because anyone who speaks ill of him is with the "bad guys". Give me an effing break here, I am thinking that its kind of ridiculous, when people get up the kind of stones it takes to write a group of people death threats just because they voice their shame and criticism of a political leader in a supposedly democratic country. Then in 2006, they come back with this song called "not ready to make nice" criticizing the war and these know nothing malakas who would tell them to shut up and sing or else. My view on this is that the country isn't yet ready to hear a strong opinioned woman telling the country its in a stupid pointless war for oil and money. Historically, war comes down to this. "You have something I want, so I'm going to send my guys to take it from you," and basically, its no better than rival mafia families trying to control a selected area in a battle over turf.
Except, this time; anyone that dares speak against it is a threat to national security and needs to be put in some deep dark place like Guantanamo bay, because they're obviously a "falafel eating terrorist". Although, personally I think terrorists eat at Macdonald's, since eating that crap would piss off even fred rogers if he were still alive.
Mostly, I hate country music, since the music has to do with boring crap that I couldn't be paid to listen to, the Dixie chicks make the exception to that rule because they said for Bush to essentially "sit and spin" on his foreign policy regarding Iraq, and refused to back down despite the pressure from the government, the media and crazy assed hillbillies wanting them dead.
I hope I find someone as unwavering in her opinions as Natalie Maines.
I don't see any harm in saying things like "I'm ashamed he's from Texas" "what a dumb f*ck" and "You're a dumb f*ck". My thoughts exactly are "Wow, she's from Texas! She obviously has some guts to say that, and she's smart enough to see the effing truth". Really, and honestly, THAT'S what its all about. TRUTH. George w Bush is now revealed to everyone who isn't an idiot as just that a "dumb f*ck".
I'm thinking that with all of the crap the Dixie chicks went through, there should be a follow up album with a title song called "I'm right and you all can suck it" or perhaps "Told you that no good bastard was a dumb f*ck" which would surprisingly fit into line with your traditional country song. All ya have to do is add a line about your dog running away and all, and its good to go.
So, despite all of those flag waving republicans still loyal to king George, I think that based on that, the Dixie chicks are the best band ever and if I actually believed in wasting money on concert tickets on any band, it would be them.
But I hate crowds. I'm not that eager to see people perform. Especially considering the pricks in my hometown. No thank you.
My final thought:
I hope I get a girlfriend who is just as outspoken as the lead singer for the Dixie chicks. That would be awesome.
Ironically enough, she's the first Libra woman I actually like.
(so, not all of them say "like" 50,000 times in a damned sentence.)
Well, I still want an Aries woman.
Someone with pent up hostility.
meh, I'm a sucker for punishment. hehehe
Until next time, take care of yourselves, and DON'T watch that douche bag Jerry Springer!


warriorwitch said...

you tell em' ABB.

I don't listen to the Dixie Chicks or any country music cause I don't have a dog, I don't drive a truck and the cats are all at home.

But I do like George Jones, drunks unite!

shister said...

Drunks unite. Hah! that's a good one.
I would more attribute that to a michael richards comedy tour than anything, but I got the point.
Well said.

The Tall Red Head said...

I am a Virgo and I have HEAPS of pent up hostility. But I also have red hair and a bad temper.

I agree, I am not a fan of the Dixie Chicks, but I Loved that song and how they stuck it straight back up Shrubs Ass.

Nice Blog, just found it. Just please..never, ever find the need to use emoticons..They annoy me almost as much as people that chew with their mouth open..

shister said...

I should have been more specific...
Someone with pent up hostility despite the fact that she releases it on people for fun on a daily basis. more specifically, an aries with an aries moon. Not that it matters, since I am no longer single (unlike when I wrote this post).