Sunday, June 1, 2008


We as a society like to call ourselves an enlightened one, but I would argue that this assessment is nothing short of a steaming frakking pile of what the neighbor's dog left on the lawn. Look at how everyone who is labeled as "different" or non-conformist is treated in their everyday lives.
We have our autistic people, who are labeled as retards, despite the fact that they are ten times more intelligent than the average person, but happen to behave in ways that are contradictory to an orderly society.
As a person with Asperger's syndrome (as though I have some sort of disease that you can cure with antibiotics or something) I have been treated very poorly by society, who expects me to act like them, with their harsh judgments and hateful behavior.
So, I can say that being different, and being able to empathize with others who are picked on, I feel sorry for them.
For example, look at the transgendered individuals and how people treat them.
As walking, talking freak shows, just because we can't understand them.
Has it ever occurred to anybody that these people are still human despite the fact that they might not conform to society's expectations?
The reason I say this is because, I having Asperger's, can relate to the pain of being excluded in things for the way I have and will behave.
Now, the behaviors of those with Asperger's and those who are transgendered happen to differ; but the thing is both groups happen to deviate from a sociological norm.
Maybe the challenge before us as a people isn't to understand what makes men want to be women, or women want to be men, or even why those people with Asperger's happen to act "weird" and do crazy outlandish things that work for them, but scare the hell out of you.
Maybe the challenge is to simply accept "those people", as not "those people" (And I know we tend to label people we can't understand or tolerate with this label) but as your fellow humans and learn not only to live with them, but actually befriend them.
But not because they have a condition, God no.
Learn to think of people outside yourself who are different as learning opportunities for yourself.
That's the problem with society today, we could care less about the person next to us, and we look out for our own asses forsaking even our own family sometimes.
I'm not saying that transgendered and Asperger's have anything to do with one another except that both face scorning and ridicule by a society that can't accept or tolerate either.
The one thing that really pisses me off is the fact that people that get cast aside into the pit of obscurity are often the ones in our society who have the most to contribute, and if we saw past the hatred and fear, we'd get to enrich ourselves, rather than getting fat and lazy on the destructive programs such as dr phil, survivor, american/canadian/pop idol, and other shite out their to make us stop thinking for ourselves.
Is it then, a real wonder why we get blindsided and dumbfounded by lying politicians, crackpot assholes like in scientology, or advertisements that make people feel worthless for not buying their product?
In my not so humble opinion for what it's worth;
It doesn't, or at least shouldn't matter what your race, sexual orientation, mental status, gender identity, religion (even if you're ok with paying a shite load of money to rich people and losing it) is.
My take on it is if we're able to figure out that there is a God who gives half a damn about us, then this entity isn't going to hate anybody for being different.
My theory is, if God did, then God would make us all the same, or kill us all off, because let's face it; We're all different and equally as fucked up in our own little ways. The difference between you and me or you and someone with the wrong gender is you're accepted by society and accepted as normal, whereas the people with the wrong outfit for their assigned gender, or the people who say the inappropriate things that you don't want to hear (Asperger's)are frowned upon; and the way to cure them?
drugs! the shout of "be normal".
Well, I know that I don't have a surgery or treatment to make me like everyone else, and I'm glad that I don't because I like thinking for myself and asking people questions, even if they're difficult. Its good to think and use your brain for once.
As for those who do have a surgery option to make their situation better, whether born as men or women; why the hell is it an issue? Let them be who they want to be!
This affects you in no way, shape or form WHATSOEVER.
My problem, or so I've been told is I don't know how to say what's appropriate.
Translation: I think its a flaming load of crap to tell you what you want to hear if I think its a lie.
There are a lot of hate groups posing as good people.
Fred Phelps, anyone?
Seriously, as a Christian I think its just plain wrong to hide your hate behind your religion. But not just as a religion based person, but as a rational, thinking human, I think it is BS to say the least.
Its the same kind of thinking that got my cousin beat to within an inch of his life.
Humans are looking for reasons to hate each other, just look at the online games where people are divided into factions that can fight each other.
They don't get the fact that its just a damned game and that the people on that game have feelings too.
People on the same faction will treat each other like dog poo as well, heck, they never even heard of cooperation when competition will do just fine.
Love my neighbor? Don't think so, I'd rather expose him/her for the collosial douchebag/bitch that he/she is.
What do we as a people gain from spite?
Who the hell are we trying to impress?
please tell me what prize awaits the person who is the biggest asshole, because I want to know. Is it cash?! Is it that people will love you, ironically enough?
Bacause, it seems that the people that spew out the hate and violence against others are people looking for the same things. Love and acceptance from somewhere.
Well, you're not going to get them by putting a bullet in someone's head or spitting on them, now are you?
We need rational thought and clear minds.
So, switch off the idiot box known as the television; stop playing the video games for five minutes, and go out into the world and meet someone different than yourself.
Try to be friends, maybe?
I know its a stretch, but hey; if we reached for our goodwill as often as we reached for our foul words and weapons there would be less corpses and maybe more understanding and cooperation and maybe even less poverty in the world.
What have you done today?
What are you GOING TO DO today?


Bruce said...

Yes, it'd be great to have an end to discrimination. Too bad mankind thrives on confrontation. People love to hate.
But I do think that the world today is much better than the world was in the past. We have abolished slavery and tyranny that was rampant in the past.
There will always be people in the world who are discriminated against. It is human nature to discriminate. People feel the need to compete and many want to believe that they are better than others. Well, how do you achieve the sensation of superiority? By casting down others. It is wrong to do, but so many people just don't care about what is right.
On the opposite end, many people who are different are now being accepted much more than in the past. Minorities, homosexuals and people with mental difficulties are being more understood. There's always going to be jerks holding up angry signs and protesting and hating but it's their right to do so.
What's great about this America is that you can say whatever you want to whoever you want. So it is also the right of some folks to exclude you and hate you (Harassment and abuse are different cases which are unacceptable). Just look to others for acceptance. Society isn't a hive-minded entity, we all don't think alike.

witchypoo said...

Well said! I think you must have some feed issues as I didn't get this in my reader.

shister said...

we may have abolished slavery, but replaced it with racial profiling.