Thursday, June 19, 2008

Being in a fraternity makes you greek as much as being in a donut shop makes me a cop.

Yeah, vlakas; I just said it. Being a frat boy or a sorority girl who uses Greek letters as a slogan makes you maybe to the Greek community as a retarded cousin if that. But seriously, don't call yourself Greek if you speak English, drink and aren't orthodox. I know that fraternities do charity work and stuff, and they're not just out there to get wasted, but on the same token, if you want to call yourself a greek person, you had damned well be prepared to do some research about your past, your country from the classical era to the present one.
Know anything about the saints of the Greek Orthodox church? NO?
(All right then, most Greek Orthodox people don't either, anyway so that's not a demerit on your part)
My point is, don't call yourself something if you don't give a rat's ass about real culture.
Greek people of the modern era don't go around in f*cking togas and drink beer saying stupid idiotic things to other people.
Greek people go around in normal clothes and do that when there's a party.
But seriously, that's not all the time. They're not Irish. (kidding there)
Of course, not all Greeks smoke or drink.
I mean, I have heard of some fraternities that do some outlandish shit, and its worse than anything that happens at a Greek party. Why? Because those malakas can't handle their liquor and duct tape someone to a pole in their underwear in the middle of January.
What's the worst that's happened at a party at the community hall? Some person puked in the bathroom sink, and he wasn't even Greek.
My point in this long, drawn out commentary is; If you're gonna act like an idiot and call yourself Greek, at least learn the language.
Just because you belong to a fraternity and wear letters doesn't make you Greek.
If you can take those letters and write a sentence, than you might be.
Sure, every culture has its idiots, and Greek is no exception, but if you don't even learn the language, then you're just another Eglezo(English) wannabe.
Until next time,take care of yourselves and get me an ouzaki while you're at it.

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