Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I had forgotten about Grace, and my mom's post made me feel guilty, so I messaged her with a belated greeting.
Its hard not to get emotional when I think of her and how she lost her son. One of few friends I had that wasn't judgmental. Shame he had to die when he was one of few people out there I could not only stand but get along with.
He had this enthusiasm that couldn't be matched in people that I know.
I don't get sentimental over much of anything, because once a person is dead, life has to go on.
This was one person that to this very day, I almost half expect him to say he was away somewhere and is back/ got married and started a family of his own.
I know rationally, that dead means never coming back, but I could never reconcile the death meaning that somebody good would be taken so early, while so many sadists get to continue.
I had to take a break to keep from crying while writing this short post.
He had muscular dystrophy, and gave wheelchair rides, and always had time to talk no matter how busy he was.
I think he was my first real friend, and since then I have a hard time thinking about it without losing my emotional control.
It's been 14 years, and I still feel this whenever I think of it.
God only knows how she feels, since he was her son.
Sorry if this sounds corny, but its what comes to mind.
He deserved better, and he never felt sorry for himself, which is more than I can say for a lot of people.
So, if he's not one of the first in line to see God and Jesus, then I'll be surprised, and shocked.
If more people had been like Richie, the world wouldn't be such a violent and hateful place with so many stupid senseless murders and violent crimes.
Just a thought to contend with.
Happy belated mother's day, Grace.
You and your son always were there to help my mother and I.
I thank you for this, and apologize for not remembering to wish you a happy mother's day earlier.