Thursday, April 10, 2008

I have good news

Sorry for the hiatus, but I didn't exactly feel like posting recently. My laptop keyboard was busted but now I have a replacement for it. I also happen to have a pc which cost me nothing, as I got both the case and processor/motherboard for free and was able to take my old 128mb video card from mom's machine. She recently gifted me with a 19 inch monitor which I am happy to report works perfectly, even though it hogs my desk space. Such a small price to pay for a better monitor for watching movies and playing games. All I need to do is get a better stick of ram for it, since I have 256mb. Not enough to play warcraft and mom will be borrowing my laptop.
Well, that's all I feel like typing about today, so keep yourselves tuned in for more updates when I feel like posting them.
That is all;
You are dismissed.

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