Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Things that **** me off

This is something that just makes me insane with rage. My laptop is a thing that needs to be cool, lest it freeze up. Outside it is freezing. Inside, because of the neighbors (we control the heat for them too and they're on the cold side of the building) our heat is cranked up so hot that it's making our computers overheat. We have fans trained on them. My laptop froze a total of at least four times in ten minutes. This made me so irritable that I was screaming at the laptop. I actually considered giving it flying lessons, but that would get me nothing but a busted computer. I am at my wits end with this irony. If we could turn the heat down, we would. But the neighbor would be mad. So, here I am hoping that this thing doesn't freeze before I can finish the post. Just thought I would update because this is one thing that just fits the title I put here. comments? questions? leave em here. laters


Old Knudsen said...

you have a pink blog and talk about yer computer needing to be cool? put some sunglasses on it and start it smoking.

assburgerboy said...

I also have a partially busted keyboard here. It Blows chunks!!!!!!