Sunday, March 9, 2008

stoning and other atrocities.

I am dispensing a "knudsen warning" meaning some of the content in the blog is not suitable for everyone, but it does speak on a serious subject, so I am not going to avoid it either.


This is a practice that really angers me. They bury the person in sand so they can't move, and throw giant rocks 9and other harmful objects) at their head and torso. A woman can get stoned in some countries because she is not a virgin, even if someone else raped her. What in the hell is wrong with this picture? A lot is. Or if she dates someone that her family doesn't happen to approve of, they can get away with murdering her. Case in point; Greek culture (yeah I use that a lot, so what) is pretty strict (mostly) with the whole immigrant parents wanting to have their kids date orthodox people (sometimes, "you date a greek person"), but mostly what happens if a guy's daughter doesn't and he hates non-greeks is he glares at the eglezo for a few minutes and that's about harm no foul. The non greek runs away or stands up to dad and if he does, the old guy decides that if he's gonna be the son in law, he's gonna be baptised orthodox (no way around that). But he doesn't make a target practice out of his daughter by making her a fucking pinata (sorry, but I feel strongly about this) for everyone to beat senselessly as if they were expecting candy to come out of her when they hit hard enough, or have the guy shot.
It isn't a quick or painless death, and shooting them is less sadistic.
The thing is, and I hope many of you already know this; Women aren't second class citizens. They should be treated as equals in every country because without them, men wouldn't exist. I find it ironic that these men have no respect for any of the women, considering one brought them to life. They and all men have the other gender to thank for living. So, why in these times is it socially acceptable to stone someone more because she's female? In places like India, its acceptable to treat women of lower castes with no regard for their well being or life.
A majority of the rape victims are minors that belong to India’s lower classes. Out of 1,217 cases of gang rape, 726 cases cited minor-aged girls who were victims. Take the case of 17 year old Kanchan, who was murdered after a gang rape as she was returning from school in Chakki Khamaria in the Chhindwara district on August 10, 2007. So far on this case police have only managed to arrest one person.
To put it into proper context, in the united states if more than two girls underage were going to report this kind of thing happening, even if it was merely one person, those people's "happy asses" would be under the jail, since it is a crime and would be punished. Now, they're looking at almost 3/4 of the cases being underage girls.
I'm sorry, but if this was the USA, or even Canada, or any other country that had a society with wealthy affluent people, this wouldn't be tolerated. If this happened to anyone in their prestigious upper caste, there would be cries for blood and justice.
I believe that Martin Luther King Jr put it best when he said that "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
That's why we as a global society have to look out for other's human rights, lest we as a people lose them for ourselves.
So, I'm putting a couple of pics of the result of stoning up here.

some don't die.(Update:3/11/2008; Actually, I did some checking and she wasn't a stoning victim, but rather a victim of school violence. An equally important topic)

Others, like the teenager here, DO.

This is what happens when some people get out of hand. There are countless atrocities in the world and if we don't get off our collective asses and say something, and say "no" and "This will not happen again" then we are as guilty as those who do this. Men and women alike. We need to send a message to both those who do this kind of thing, and the governments that turn a blind eye to it, "no more victims of cultural 'honor deaths'".
Extremists do this in Britain as well. Now, I don't think that all people are practicing this just like I'm convinced that not all church people are right wing extremists or all catholic priests are pedos (although
knudsen might disagree with me there).
Either way, I'm stating that the bad apples need to be rooted out or else we will be in a chaotic world with no justice for anyone but the rich and affluent, and that's a world I simply don't want to live in. Not when there's a better choice.


Dirty Penguin said...

What we're dealing with here is an outmoded and inefficient system of justice selectively applied to a certain segment of society (women). The penalty is meant to apply to both male and female adulterers and the rule isn't supposed to be used against rape victims. Meanwhile, modern western criminal justice systems are also outmoded and inefficient. The western systems of justice also target a certain segment of society (minorities and non-violent drug offenders).

assburgerboy said...

It's what happens when one group(the group of men that believe that women are inferior in this case) think that that they are superior to another (mainly women), (and I'm also including the mention of north american wife/girlfriend beaters in this comment).Simply put, this is more proof of why humanity is screwed as a people.