Thursday, February 21, 2008

show your colors?! more like show your sheep wool!

Baa!!!!!!!I mean, can you people not watch this and wonder where the hell our society went if we've got this damned annoying joke of a jingle stuck in our heads?!
Go ahead and click! I'll be right here waiting...

Seriously, did you not see that?
It really kills me a little inside to think how gullible we are to buy this crap hook, line and sinker! So, I guess my one question for this is:
What drugs are the writers(idiots)/geniuses that sat on the toilet and came up with this crap taking, and where can I get some so that I may find this commercial entertaining as well?
I mean, even a comatose idiot with an IQ of 60 could come up with better. Thank God the writer's strike is over, so the real writers can come back and these idiotic, talentless lackeys can maybe be fired once and for all for making me sit through 30 seconds of this crap when something I want to watch on tv is on. Hence, another argument for downloading shows, because at least then I won't have to sit through retarded commercials. GAH!
Guess it's just PROOF POSITIVE of the idiots in Toronto willing to pay for this atrocity which makes me almost vomit a little in my own mouth. SHOOT ME NOW AND PUT ME OUT OF MY COMMERCIAL MISERY, or better yet, someone SLAP THE CRAP out of these marketing people and make them feel the pain I feel EACH AND EVERY TIME I AM FORCED TO WATCH THIS FESTERING PILE OF CRAP.
Ps: I love you all(unless you had a part in making this comercial)!

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