Saturday, February 23, 2008

Paris Hilton

Usually, I stay away from celebrities, and for good reason. It just makes me wonder what the hell people see in them. But seriously; someone needs to give Paris Hilton a wake up call that acting is NOT FOR HER. Of course, they have to dumb the script down considerably just to accommodate her. This may not be a problem to some, but to me?
Well, the movies these days are just "smart"(I'm being sarcastic here, people. I think movies need more thought put into them)enough without having to make them so coma patients who are almost dead can enjoy them. I mean, look at where we are going in this regard. Hell in a handbasket is where I say we are going. Of course, its MY BLOG; so I can afford to say things like this.Seriously, look at the interview on letterman.
You can see the man is watering down the questions to accommodate miss Hilton.

On the plus side, that interview made me laugh more than my favorite standup comics combined. I am laughing now even as I type this blog entry up. I think I acutally hurt my self laughing. reminds me of the duct tape car story. But that one is a story for later.
I was inspired to blog about her by a post on
Old Bitter Balls and his latest pic (a warped version of Paris Hilton that made me laugh, but not as hard as the interview).
I mean, if you saw her in the movie "house of wax", you won't be surprised when I say there were actual theaters that the people cheered when her character DIED.
However, since I am not a TOTAL ASS, and should say something nice to balance all of this negativity out, I will say the following: something nice.
Just kidding, obviously we watch celebrities like this so we can fulfill our deepest desires to feel superior to others by pointing out their flaws, rather than thinking about how well we can do as people. So what she's dumb as a post? If you're comparing yourself to her mentally, then sure you might win, but where do we get by comparison?
Its akin to competing against a four year old in an arm wrestling competition. Sure you win, but don't expect many if any high fives. Here's an idea people; If you want to see something of higher caliber out there, then do it yourself.
Deep down, I do wish that people such as Paris Hilton could finally "get it" and make society better with new ideas and notions. Hell, if she ever got off her ass and did something that required more thought and challenged herself, I would be the first to say "cool, she's not a dumbass after all".
So, when it all comes down to it though, I wonder the following. (A quote I stole from the simpsons. the episode where lisa tries to educate some yokel kids)
"how's this gonna put dog meat on my plate?"
Which means, how is this going to help me succeed in life? Answer: It's not.
So, why are we so obsessed with this thing called celebrity?
Because we can breathe easier knowing its not us being judged by everyone in the world.
I like to think that will never happen to me, but everytime I blog or post a youtube video, I am leaving myself out there for people to judge. We all have something that we are trying to say, and sometimes, we act like idiots.
I think in the end, I'm making this point; Sure, its fun to laugh at paris hilton, but damn. How will we grow if we're too busy laughing our asses off?

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Ebele said...

Actually, I partly-admire Paris for going out there and trying stuff out. The 'stuff' she does try out is questionable but at least she's giving things a shot which is a lot more than a lot of us are bold enough to try (of course, being a millionaire helps, but money doesn't necessarily give you confidence - classic example, Britney, Lindsay, Amy Winehouse).

In regards to celebrity, I've often felt that no matter how rich and famous they are, they still gotta take a shit, you know? They still hurt, cry, mess up just like the rest of us, just that it's all in the limelight for the rest of us folks to point and prod at.

We poke fun at celebrities because it distracts us from our own drama - it's a relief from the stresses and strains we have to get back to. We gossip about them because sometimes they deserve it.

But I think celebrity and the whole interest/obsession around it reveals more about the public than it says about the celebrities themselves.

Anyway, I'm gonna stop here before I start writing a frikkin book :-).

See ya!