Thursday, February 28, 2008

The me show... hehehe. seven factoids. okay, I'll play.

I was recently tagged by "mommy dearest" and so I have to do seven factoids about myself. It's kind of hard, considering I usually don't divulge personal details that easily, and therefore don't blog that much.


* Link back to the person who tagged you. Check.
* Write your seven quirky things. Soon to be checked
* Terrorize 7 other people whose blogs you visit. Scary. Link to them in your meme post.
* Tell them what you have done in their comments section.
* Beg their forgiveness.(Yeah, like THAT is gonna happen)

Fact number one: I am Greek Orthodox, and am attending Greek school (I want to learn the language so I can be fluent in speaking it).
Fact number two: I am a Cancer, and my moon is Aries. This means that despite the fact that I generally prefer my own company, I am loud and tend to have NO VERBAL FILTER, and sarcastic humor that goes unappreciated by a lot of people.
Fact number three: I like science fiction and the TV show scrubs. It's funny.
Fact number four: I am so anti-lying that sometimes when i tell the truth I offend people, so as a result if I don't like someone I glare at them/ refuse to speak to them until they go away.
Fact number five: I once got into a verbal cursing match with someone in the altar at church (during service) and my priest had to break it up all because I thought I was right (I apologized for being harsh to the other person five minutes later, as yes I had made my point, but maybe unintentionally hurt his feelings in the process).
Fact number six: I am somewhat attracted to Paris Hilton. Shut up! I am, okay? I think she's smart, but is too damned lazy to use her God-given brains.
Fact number seven: I used to write horror movie scripts in high school.
I have tagged the following people

Joe Pennant Because he's cool.

hotfessionalBecause she's a super lady.

Unclebob Another funny guy.

Boneblower.She's cool

Old Knudsen Because he's crazy and I happen to like crazy.

Bloggernoob Can anyone say "curiosity"?

Mommy dearest First of all, nobody said I couldn't do ROUND TWO. Second of all, I wanna see what she comes up with next!

no apologies, I'm sticking by my story here.


2 comments: said...

Ermm...I brought you into this world and I can take you out ;)

Old Knudsen said...

I am somewhat attracted to Paris Hilton

You disgust me..............

Not only have I done 101 facts about myself I did this meme as tagged by yer ma recently, the cycle of abuse has to stop I have no more in me, well I do I just can't be arsed.