Friday, January 18, 2008

Carrot mushroom loaf.

I did say that I was going to post about carrot mushroom loaf, but decided for anonymity purposes to not post my real name (and create a separate blog to re enforce this) since my mother would most likely be pissed off at me revealing anything like that.
But I did realize the need for a blog, since a lot of the stories seem to focus on me, and I need to be able to address any and all questions you might have regarding me.
So, having said this: I will tell you of the carrot mushroom loaf story.
My mom came up with this dish with carrots(shredded) mushrooms and cheese, amongst other things, and when she first served it, it was good.
However, my mom (due to popularity with people at her gatherings) seemed to want to make it more (why should there be a problem if her friends who were there maybe once every couple of weeks and didn't have to eat it every single day liked it?).
The one thing she didn't realize, was like the Sarah Mclachlan cd thing (I may post about that one later if I feel like it) if you keep on making and serving the same damned thing night after night, then someone is going to start wishing you would stop making it.
That's right, I stopped liking it, and to this day, I tell her that if she makes that dish, I will cook for myself and eat something I can ACTUALLY STAND.
Well, as I have pointed out, it wasn't the fact that she made a dish that tasted like crap; in fact, this was a good thing to eat the first couple of days I ate it.
It just so happens that even good dishes seem to make me swear off them if I have them too much.
Kindof like the sibling I will not speak of and his hatred for kraft dinner and how consequently he made me eat beans because of it when I was growing up.
I don't and probably won't mention that I have a brother much if at all, since to be honest, I DON'T GET ALONG WITH HIM.
Oh well, my point in posting this is that I like consistency in my life, but seriously, I AM PART ARIES. So, the same thing over and over again can be BORING!
Anyway, I'm done ranting here, and if I managed to BORE you with this repetitive crap
(If anyone reads this dribble at all) OOPS. My mistake.


witchypoo said...

You would get more hits if the title of your blog was just Ass Burger Boy, because I get some google searches on that.
Also? If you like comments, lose the word verification thing, and allow OpenID.

Veronica said...

I know how you feel. To this day I cannot stand fish. Ick.

The Hotfessional said...

Too Bad. We like you. We're reading.

Old Knudsen said...

When I was in a Russian Gulag for 4 years all I had to eat was snow with some boiled dog every day of the year, now I really hate cats.

Talina said...

Read about your blog on your moms..I read your post and look forward to future posts!

shister said...

thanks talina. and Thanks to everyone else for your comments as well. I appreciate it.

boneblower (Anita) said...

I'm really looking forward to reading your stuff.

My childhood dish of horrors was lambs fry - yuck!!!