Tuesday, January 22, 2008

death in general

We as a society seem to "care" about when people such as heath ledger dies at a young age, but we give no second thought to the millions of people that die in the world each year from malnutrition, homelessness, suicide, homicide, cancer and other causes.
In fact, society is filled with people that want to see people dead.
Whether its your extremist groups or your individual that is sadistic, we all see it all the time and yet we still do nothing.
Can you not take the time to pity the suffering in life? Can you not take the time to wonder where we are indeed going as a society?
I have often wondered what the answer to these questions are, and honestly, even optimistic people are left with pessimistic thoughts regarding humanity's future as of late.
Should not all deaths be treated as equally tragic and preventable? (at least the ones that are premature)
We have stopped supporting each other, and have turned instead to laughing at each other with our cynicism and hatred.
I know that not everyone thinks that way, and I write this not to take a dump on the human condition, but to point out humanity's greatest potential still lies in unity and cooperation.
Yesterday was Martin Luther King day, and I couldn't help but feel a little sad at the fact that it was supposed to be a freedom celebration, but sadly there is much racism left in the world today.
People forget that we are all human and we need a single unifying idea, instead of many dividing concepts.
I'm not saying force a single religion on anyone, but educate people that this political correctness is crap if we still have hate inside of us.
What I'm saying is this; If humanity has any hope in hell of surviving, we need to forget about what makes us different and stop judging each other and see how we can get along. After all, if we can't check our egoes at the door, we suck more than we thought, don't we?
that's all I got for now.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Carrot mushroom loaf.

I did say that I was going to post about carrot mushroom loaf, but decided for anonymity purposes to not post my real name (and create a separate blog to re enforce this) since my mother would most likely be pissed off at me revealing anything like that.
But I did realize the need for a blog, since a lot of the stories seem to focus on me, and I need to be able to address any and all questions you might have regarding me.
So, having said this: I will tell you of the carrot mushroom loaf story.
My mom came up with this dish with carrots(shredded) mushrooms and cheese, amongst other things, and when she first served it, it was good.
However, my mom (due to popularity with people at her gatherings) seemed to want to make it more (why should there be a problem if her friends who were there maybe once every couple of weeks and didn't have to eat it every single day liked it?).
The one thing she didn't realize, was like the Sarah Mclachlan cd thing (I may post about that one later if I feel like it) if you keep on making and serving the same damned thing night after night, then someone is going to start wishing you would stop making it.
That's right, I stopped liking it, and to this day, I tell her that if she makes that dish, I will cook for myself and eat something I can ACTUALLY STAND.
Well, as I have pointed out, it wasn't the fact that she made a dish that tasted like crap; in fact, this was a good thing to eat the first couple of days I ate it.
It just so happens that even good dishes seem to make me swear off them if I have them too much.
Kindof like the sibling I will not speak of and his hatred for kraft dinner and how consequently he made me eat beans because of it when I was growing up.
I don't and probably won't mention that I have a brother much if at all, since to be honest, I DON'T GET ALONG WITH HIM.
Oh well, my point in posting this is that I like consistency in my life, but seriously, I AM PART ARIES. So, the same thing over and over again can be BORING!
Anyway, I'm done ranting here, and if I managed to BORE you with this repetitive crap
(If anyone reads this dribble at all) OOPS. My mistake.