Tuesday, December 14, 2010

what's going on

I am very adament that if the power goes out, ns power will be on the my "they piss me off list" right behind eastlink and their unreliable speed internet where I have to reset the damned modem to keep it from throttling my bandwidth horrible every couple days to a week. "It's that easy" my ass. I hope eastlink/shaw cable gets bought out by a corporate entity that actually gives a crap about it's customers instead of blatently FUCKING THEM IN THE ASS, and being totally indignant when they complain about the poor service.
seriously, this is what i like to call a joke. There's a monopoly on our resources by the province. electricity, liqour and of course cigarettes are taxed by the provincial and municipal governments and sales controlled by both respectively.
The only reason they're against things such as making one's own liquor and selling without a liscence or selling cigarettes that aren't theirs is one reason TAXES, not crime. FUCKING TAXES.
The government doesn't give a shit about your well being or health or any of that at all.
How many times has Harper prorogued parliment in two years to avoid the possibility of losing an election when his approval rating is down and the opposition is trying to pressure him to rethink his lacking ways?
Two in the span of two years. After 40 years where it had only been PROROGUED ONCE.
This same asshole who cut funding to programs he didn't care about all the while saying that it was because "canadians don't want this", did you actually ask us? no.
He limits access by the press, and of course he curtailed the robin hood tax which would have helped other countries with the education system and all that had to happen was a surcharge at the bank.
He also helped the other countries see why  they should follow suit while at the  G20 summit all the while condemning actions taken by protestors. One thing I agree with. Their methods, not their cause.
Personally, I think Harper should be put in charge of Greece for a year.
Its sad that when I see people protesting outside, I don't see change or action. I see angry assholes yelling and vandalising things and getting arrested for their troubles. I see Harper using such incidents to justify more of his policies and  nothing gets done. We need a leader that is going to give a shit four years down the road, not some asshole who could care less as long as his pockets are lined at OUR EXPENSE!
I said he should be prime minister of Greece for a year, because he wouldn't last a month.
People in Greece don't put up with corrupt assholes, they revolt, and governments fall.
We have three main choices (two if you count ones that get major votes, and four if anyone votes green) and out of all of these people, there's not a one that's a leader in their respective right. The green party is considered a throw away vote, because honestly, she didn't win a  single seat. disappointing, but I would attribute this to her lack of public promotion skills and poor choice of riding (against peter McKay).
All  in all, the remaining three are dissapointing as hell. Layton, Ignatieff, and Harper. The three stooges of canadian politics.
Back to what I was saying... NS power sucks, and the power had better not go out.
That is all.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


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Friday, August 20, 2010

christians need to be compassionate

Hi kids:
Whether or not you agree with a person and their choices is your own decision. However, when you start calling them freak or wishing them dead, you are in fact being the opposite of what you should be doing.
There have been many acts of violence against gay and transgender people throughout the years, and there have always been groups of people who are christian either egging it on or being thankful it happened.
If you show such callous disregard for somebody's life like that, no matter if you agree with it or whether or not scripturally, you are not loving your neighbor.
You are, in fact, endorsing the opposite, and you will get to explain to God why when you could have been showing compassion you chose not to.
Imposing beliefs on others while showing hate and contempt is as bad as having done an act of violence yourself. Endorsing hate crimes is another way of saying "God doesn't love you, and neither should I".
I'm not transgender, nor am I gay. I am just another person who happens to call bullshit when I see someone preaching about how "God hates fags" and "aids cures fags". I am forced to wonder what part of love God with all your mind, body and soul and love your neighbor as yourself was lost on some of you who claim to be christian.
We need to be prayer minded persons who can show the love of God to anybody who needs it.
Right now, I can see people being murdered for doing something that is expressing themselves. I see people being shown not a shred of compassion by people who say on one hand "God is good" and on the other hand "He hates you, freak".
I acknowledge the good that some christians are doing, I also am here to say "not cool" to the ones who hate.
It's the same backwards thinking that says "Let's cure autism and make them more normal".
I truly wish that people would be able to empathize more and criticize less.
Maybe I'm asking for too much, but damn it, I think we owe it to our fellow humans to try.
That's me, and I'm out.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A drawing that I made july 26th,2010

Feel free to tell me what you think of it in the comments section.